Volunteers - Contributors

Our Team of Volunteers is made up of like-minded Women in the same Spirit of Christ and moving with His times. 

Women who know their is a great call upon their lives and a specific role to live or. 

Women who want to mark lives, families, communities, nations, and history, worth God's Amazing Love, Power and Glory of the Son of GOD and with His Kingdom. 

Women who want to help other Women find their purpose in life. 

Women who will empower and teach other Women to live God's precious plan for, in and through their lives as Daughters of God, Women of God, Leaders, Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Wives, Business & Community Leaders, and as Kingdom Women who are attending and carrying out The Father's Business Kingdom of Heaven Business. 

Women willing to learn all that God's has made possible and accessible, in order to be blessed, live blessed, and to help others do and be the same. 

Women unafraid to work, who take initiative and who will express and contribute their God given talents, creativity, gifts, wisdom, intelligence, inner beauty, without reservations. 

Women who understand their Uniqueness, Authentic and Beautiful Person GOD made and fashioned. 

Women Of all ages, races, color, and nations. 

Women with the heart of God 

ARE YOU ONE? Don't worry if you don't think you don't meet all these beautiful Kingdom Women characteristics.. If you're willing.. WE'LL HELP YOU! That's what is all about, Women helping and empowering Women;and then Helping others everywhere we are, go to, and our able to reach! 

Contact Us! Let Us help other Women do the same!

Volunteers & Contributers needed @ Events, Online, Prayer Teams, Support Groups...and more. Contact Us!



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